Tradition, Modern Design, Thoughtful Repairs

Gary Rickman - LuthierGary Rickman has been building professional instruments in the Chicago area for over 20 years and has constructed over 100 traditional violins and violas. He has also built new tops for two violoncellos and one double bass.

In recent years Mr. Rickman has also delved into the world of amplified instruments with his innovative Electro-Acoustic violin design. These instruments are intended for professionals that desire the sound and response of a traditional acoustic violin, but need to perform in environments that require amplification. With this unique design, the dilemma of acoustic vs. electric has been resolved without compromise.

Gary RickmanMr. Rickman has also proven to be a meticulous and first rate repairman of all the bowed string instruments (violins, violas, violoncellos & basses) to which he applies his unique amalgamation of time tested traditional repair techniques and modern principals of acoustic design.

To learn more about Mr. Rickman's Traditional Violins & Electro-Acoustic Violins and to understand more about his dedication to string repair techniques that will bring forth the best possible performance of an instrument, browse through the links provided.